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Building with ISSB or SSB

COMAC Ltd provides technical training services to Clients who have invested in manually operated block press manufactured by Makiga Engineering Services (MES). COMAC Ltd collaborates with MES whereby MES manufactures the block presses and refers its Clients to COMAC Ltd for professionally run training courses. This way, the ABT technologies are effectively disseminated.

This is both a theoretical and practical training which takes a minimum of 15-days or as long as it may take to build a complete building using ISSB or SSB. The training is conducted after the Client has been trained on how to produce ISSB and is now ready to build with the blocks. ISSB requires special construction features such as confined masonry, use of columns and beams and special reinforcement around openings to prevent cracks appearing resulting caused by movement of the un-cemented ISSB caused by building settlement. This course is ideal for organizations involved in large construction projects. The minimum cost for the 15-days construction training is US$2,750 in Kenya and US$3,750 outside Kenya. The Client is responsible for all travel, accommodation and meals for COMAC trainer while on site.

All COMAC training courses are most effective and best conducted on the training site where the Client intends to use the technology and build the houses. In order to build durable and high quality buildings, all Clients who invest in block press for manufacturing ISSB are strongly recommended to attend one of the COMAC Ltd training’s listed below:

1. Practical training for block makers: This is a 5-days training inclusive travel days conducted in Kenya for Clients who invest in block presses to build their own houses. The training covers basic soil testing, with a lot on practicals on block making and quality control. The cost of the training course is Ksh10, 000/- or US$130. The Client must separately pay for COMAC Trainer’s travel, accommodation and meals expenses when conducting the training. The training is best conducted on site, with no more than 10 participants. At the end of the training, the trainees are presented with a COMAC certificate of participation. 

2. Training Of Trainers (TOT) Course conducted in Kenya: This is a 7-days minimum intensive course, travelling days inclusive. The course has both theories and practical’s covering all aspects of ISSB production and basic insights on building construction using ISSB. This course is ideal for NGO’s and corporate organizations which invest in more than 1-block press and are involved in construction of many houses. The cost of the training package in Kenya for a maximum of 15 participants is US$1,000. The Client must separately provide for travelling, accommodation and meals for COMAC Trainer when on site. The training is best conducted on site where the Client intends to use the technology. Training participants are awarded a COMAC certificate at the end of the training.

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