What is Stabilized Soil Blocks (SSB)

SSB are building blocks made from soil mixed with a small % of cement and then compressed in a block press. ISSB refers to interlocking SSB 

Do I need to burn SSB?

No. By adding cement to the soil and compressing the block, the resultant block becomes water resistant, requiring nor firing. 

Do I need special soils to make SSB?

No. The best soils to make SSB’s are the ones with a high sand content, 60-70%. Soils with excessive clays and expansive soils such as black cotton soils requires addition of sand so as to make quality SSB’s

How many SSB can I get from 1 bag of cement?

With good sandy soils with 60-70% sand, you can get up to 100 SSB’s. These are equivalent to 4M2 walling if making ordinary SSB and 2.7M2 if using interlocking blocks

How many types and sizes of SSB are available?

SSB’s are available in 2 major shapes; Ordinary SSB which require cement mortar and Interlocking blocks which do not require cement mortar but requires special design and construction considerations

Why should I use SSB to build my house?

 SSB buildings are:

1.Cheaper than concrete blocks when produced on the construction site

2.SSB do not need to be burnt, conserving many trees that would be used to burn bricks

Where can I buy the block press for making SSB?

You can buy your block press from COMAC Ltd by contacting them at the contacts provided above

What is the cost of a Block press?

The cost of Block presses in Kenya  as of June 2012 are as follows:

1.Interlocking Block press US$1,400

2.Ordinary Block press US$1,000

Delivery costs depends on destination and # of presses

Do I need training to make SSB?

Yes. To make quality and cost effective SSB, you need to be trained on soil testing and SSB production. Your builder also need training on how to build with ISSB

How long is the training and how much does it cost?

• An ideal training that includes both productions of ISSB and construction guidelines takes a minimum of 14-days.

• COMAC Ltd provides specialized trainings for NGO’s and large groups, involved in large construction programs. 

• The cost of the training is dependent on location, logistics and number of people to be trained. 


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