Poles and Rammed Earth

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Poles and rammed earth technology is an improvement on the traditional poles and mud construction. Treated poles or recycled plastic ones are used as the structural, load bearing frame work of the building. The gap between the poles in filled with soil stabilized with cement, manually compacted. Barbed wire or hoop iron is nailed between the poles to provide anchorage of the rammed earth to the poles.

The rammed earth is supported with formwork which is removed the following day after the initial setting, and used for the other layers. 

Poles & rammed earth construction in progress 

Complete poles & rammed earth before plastering 

Complete poles and rammed earth house after plastering

Advantages of using poles & rammed earth technology

Compared to other construction technologies, Poles & Rammed earth has the following advantages:

• Labor intensive requiring low technical expertise, allowing unskilled workers to build

• Uses soil from the construction site

• Fast in construction compared to other construction systems saving on labor

• Skills easily learnt and adopted by non-technical people


Technical Training

A minimum of 21days is required to build a basic domestic house.


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