Domed Pit Latrine Slabs

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Domed Pit Latrine Slab (DPLS) is one of the safest technologies for disposing human waste. The slab is used to cover a pit latrine. 

DPLS is made with an air tight cover that helps to contain the smell inside the pit, while at the same time keeping away the flies. This makes DPLS pit latrines most hygienic, and cheapest.


Advantages of using DPLS

• Cheap. Uses only 1 bag of cement and requires no metal reinforcement

• Has an airtight cover that keeps away the flies and contains the smell in the pit. No need for a Vent Pipe

• Can be used for mass production where thousands of pit latrines are required, like settlement projects or refugee camps



COMAC trains communities in the entire production and installation process. The training takes 14 days


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